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Jerusalem Artichoke Powder
65% Inulin − 100% Natural

Our body is constantly exposed to all sorts of microorganisms, in which some can prove indispensable to maintaining a healthy body while others can lead to plenty of problems. A healthy intestinal tract is at the core of a healthy system. By providing nourishment for the good bacteria, such as bifidobacteria, prebiotics can be even more effective than probiotics in improving the body's overall health.

Agri-Food Canada explains that Jerusalem artichokes are functional foods thus they have physiological benefits beyond basic nutritional functions. They go on to say that as a prebiotic, Jerusalem artichokes improve the quality of intestinal microflora.

After years of research, we are proud to finally introduce a Jerusalem artichoke powder crafted in Quebec that contains 65% inulin. Our delicious organic tubers (certified by Québec Vrai) are dried and powdered with our very own all natural system using no additives and no chemical processing.

A superior functional food, our powdered Jerusalem artichoke is the all natural solution to everyone's prebiotic needs.

Easily incorporated into any daily dietary routine, Jerusalem artichoke powder is more versatile, healthier and tastier than the processed, imported prebiotics currently on the market.

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