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About Me

I was raised in a family where a healthy lifestyle and respect for the environment were of the utmost importance. Influenced in one part by my father, whose dishes were more gourmet, and one part by my mother where a healthy lifestyle was essential, I developed a passion for gastronomy.

While travelling the world, I took great pleasure in exchanging recipes with people of many different countries. During these cultural exchanges I discovered a plethora of new flavours, cooking techniques and traditions.

I have participated in many cooking-related community events. For example, I have often cooked with Food Not Bombs, a worldwide movement that recuperates, cooks, and distributes surplus vegan food that would have otherwise been wasted. I have also volunteered as a cook for soup kitchens, social justice movements, and various self-sufficient communities. Recently I was a finalist in a cooking competition at the “Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert” in Montreal

When I cook I am often inspired by Mediterranean, Indian, and South American cuisine. My greatest pleasure is creating new recipes using local, organic, seasonal, and wild foods and then sharing with my circle of family and friends.

On this site I will be sharing recipes made with Jerusalem aritchoke powder from our farm. Please send comments, questions, and suggestions. This virtual recipe book is a work in progress!

Bon appétit!

Arianne Clément